by | June 22, 2018 | 19:36

Rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed during an apparent robbery Monday in Broward County, Florida , police said . The controversial rapper was leaving a motorcycle dealership when a gunman suddenly went up to his auto and shot him.

by | June 22, 2018 | 17:16

Facility officials said that there were 55 children at the facility, most within the 12-17 age range although they are licensed to care for children as young as six. She did not wear the jacket when she left the plane in McAllen, Texas , but it showed up again when she returned to Andrews Air Force Base. She joined about 20 mayors from cities across the country to call for the immediate reunification of immigrant children with their families.

by | June 22, 2018 | 16:43

This is not a law or part of our Constitution, it is a policy of the Trump Administration. On Monday, he tweeted, "It is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder Security and Crime". " Well, it's a real exaggeration, of course ", Sessions replied. Instituted as part of US President Donald Trump's policy of "zero tolerance" for illegal immigration, the practice has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation, even among some Republicans.

by | June 22, 2018 | 16:00

According to Seoul's Unification Ministry, more than 75,000 of the 132,000 South Koreans who have applied to attend a reunion have died. As part of that agreement, Trump has pledged to end U.S. Another thing about the Trump-Kim summit at which some South Koreans are very dismayed is the US president's unilateral decision to put the US-South Korean joint military drill on hold.

by | June 22, 2018 | 14:05

Trump's tweet about Germany referred to a political dispute over immigration that is threatening German Chancellor Angela Merkel's governing coalition. And it may also break apart a long-lasting alliance between Germany's two Christian sister parties, the CDU, led by Mrs Merkel, and its Bavarian counterpart, Mr Seehofer's CSU.

by | June 22, 2018 | 14:04

The deal focuses on the withdrawal of the PKK-affiliated YPG from the northern Syrian city and stability in the region. In a tweet, the Turkish Armed Forces said patrols were being carried out between Manbij and Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield area.

by | June 22, 2018 | 06:27

As soon as it was over, they were put into a van. The image has been seen and shared by millions, as Trump's controversial policy of taking asylum-seeking children from their families and holding them in USA foster care-while their mothers and fathers are jailed and criminally prosecuted-draws fierce criticism.

by | June 21, 2018 | 22:59

The Dattilo, the largest ship owned by the Italian Coast Guard, was the first to dock. The Aquarius, run by French charity SOS Mediterranee, rescued them off Libya's coast on June 9 and Italy and Malta's refusal to let the ship dock led to an global outcry before Spain stepped in to help.

by | June 21, 2018 | 22:54

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping for his support in last week's groundbreaking summit with President Donald Trump , the North's official media reported Wednesday. As a result, it will be hard for negotiations to move forward with different objectives in mind by the United States and North Korea, Denmark warned.

by | June 21, 2018 | 21:28

He has denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the accusations against him and his wife as a media witch-hunt . The PM also faces several police investigations into alleged corruption. "He consults with her on key issues, both personal, political and even diplomatic and security issues and now she's under indictment and that's very serious", Hoffman said.

by | June 21, 2018 | 21:02

However, pro-EU Tory MPs have warned they are ready to vote down the plans for what should happen in the case of a no-deal Brexit. Britain's house of lords has voted to allow lawmakers to decide on the fate of a final brexit deal. It is believed to be the fourth largest turnout in a Lords division on record. Agreeing to amendable motions would allow parliament to direct government on its approach to exiting the European Union, binding the prime minister's hands and making it harder to ...

by | June 21, 2018 | 20:59

She wrote on Instagram: 'Welcome to our village wee one. Mr Peters said said he was advised this morning that the prime minister had been admitted to hospital. The Prime Minister will take six weeks off. She has not said whether she's expecting a boy or a girl. Jacinda Ardern , New Zealand's prime minster, reacts during a bilateral meeting with Theresa May, U.K.

by | June 21, 2018 | 20:16

Haley said the council ignores abuses in Venezuela and Iran while admitting known human rights abusers like the Democratic Republic of Congo. A group of 12 organisations including Save the Children, Freedom House and the United Nations Association-USA said that even though that there have been few concerns about the working of the UN Human Rights Council, it did not warrant US's complete withdrawal.

by | June 21, 2018 | 19:34

But some supporters of the USA withdrawal said the council's evident bias against Israel , while a key concern, was just one reason justifying the U.S. Haley also blamed human rights groups for the decision to leave, saying they had thwarted US attempts to improve the council. Jamil Dakwar, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Human Rights Program, said Trump's "misguided policy of isolationism only harms American interests".

by | June 21, 2018 | 19:09

It comes amid widespread condemnation of President Trump's zero-tolerance policy on migrants at the United States southern border after emotive footage showed deeply distressed children crying for their families. Meadows' spokesman tweeted later Wednesday evening that Meadows "had a good follow-up conversation with Speaker Ryan just now, after today's floor events".

by | June 20, 2018 | 21:38

Though the administration's implementation of the policy comports with existing laws, it's clear officials weren't prepared to deal with the crush of kids that would come under their supervision, and have struggled to implement the policy in a humane way.

by | June 20, 2018 | 20:41

Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. "I was mocking Zac , a liberal Democratic National Committee activist who is doing nothing but politicizing the issue of making an example of one particular child". The American people owe an apology to those people. Lewandowski worked as campaign manager for Trump during the United States president's 2016 campaign.

by | June 20, 2018 | 20:17

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has met with Kim twice since April, also said the ball was in North Korea's court. The cancellation of the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercise was done to maintain diplomatic momentum for peace following recent summits between the United States and North and South Korea .

by | June 20, 2018 | 20:05

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav yesterday cited the "larger national interest.the deteriorating security situation" for the party's pullout. He went on to add that all the BJP ministers in the IOK government would resign and said the party wanted governor's rule to be imposed in the state.

by | June 20, 2018 | 20:01

The CSU, which faces a regional election in Bavaria in October, has recently sharpened its criticism of Chancellor Merkel's open-door policy for refugees . Now Mr Seehofer has launched an ultimatum, saying he will leave the government unless the country adopts a stronger stance on immigration. Merkel and Macron agreed that that European Union member states should integrate their data systems and work more closely with refugees' home countries.

by | June 20, 2018 | 20:00

Following Mrs May's address to Tory MPs, Solicitor General Robert Buckland appealed for unity, saying: "There's ongoing work happening and I think it's emblematic, actually, of a real sense of common objective in the party that we all hang together or we all hang separately".

by | June 20, 2018 | 19:49

She told an agent she had her aunt's phone number and recited it to a consular worker. At least 12 people were ejected from a Chevy Suburban SUV carrying illegal immigrants after it crashed following a high-speed chase with U.S. The children were mostly from El Salvador and Guatemala, both violence-plagued Central American countries. "I would reference you to the care provided not just by the Department of Homeland Security but by the department by Health and Human Services when they get ...

by | June 20, 2018 | 19:50

People hold a banner reading "We don't want refugees " during a demonstration called by the far-right political party Espana 2000 (E-2000) against the arrival of the Aquarius rescue ship in Valencia . The boats will be met by around 1,000 Red Cross volunteers and 470 translators - numerous migrants have come from across Africa, with some from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

by | June 20, 2018 | 19:02

As a result of the administration's new policy, these so-called shelters are also increasingly housing children who crossed the border with their parents and were subsequently separated from them. Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Twitter that the separations are "not the Christian way, the American way, nor what @POTUS wants".

by | June 19, 2018 | 08:47

Bush and former first lady Laura Bush attend the dedication of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington , D.C., on September 24, 2016. Sessions also defended the Trump administration policy at the sheriff's event. And: "I hate the children being taken away". Representative Beto O'Rourke said he was working on legislation that would end the practice of family separation.

by | June 19, 2018 | 08:26

He also urged authorities to investigate whether the club had permission to hold several hundred people inside. Many were celebrating the end of the school year. 'We haven't received a response from anybody, neither from the police nor the doctors, ' Nilson Guerra, the father of one victim, said at the hospital.

by | June 19, 2018 | 07:45

Minutes after ProPublica posted a recording of crying children begging for their parents, Kirstjen Nielsen stepped up to the podium in the White House briefing room to answer questions from reporters , as well as a growing chorus of criticism from Democrats and Republicans.

by | June 19, 2018 | 03:45

Former first lady Laura Bush wrote a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post Sunday excoriating the policy as "cruel" and "immoral". "If you're smuggling a child, then we're going to prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you, probably, as required by law".

by | June 19, 2018 | 03:15

The International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian aid group, said in response that "a policy of willing cruelty to those people, and using young sons and daughters as pawns, shatters America's strong foundation of humanitarian sensibility and family values".

by | June 19, 2018 | 03:04

The New York Post's editorial staff blasted President TrumpDonald John TrumpEx-ethics chief calls on Trump to end "monstrous" migrant policies Laura Bush blasts Trump migrant policy as "cruel" and "immoral" U.S. Nor does it directly affect the family separation policy, experts say . They have resulted from the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy that calls for the prosecution of all individuals who illegally enter the United States.

by | June 19, 2018 | 01:28

The findings have no direct bearing on a separate Justice Department special counsel probe on Russia's alleged interference in the election, and the possibility there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow. Asked whether the office was still investigating improper leaks, including to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani - who claimed to know in advance about damaging revelations against Clinton - Horowitz said , "As we note in the report, our investigative work's still ongoing".

by | June 18, 2018 | 13:22

White House officials are unable to cite any part of United States law that dictates the separations, which were initiated in April after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced " zero tolerance " for unlawful border crossings. "By and large, we are accepting almost all of the referrals that we get from our counterparts at DHS, we continue to work with the federal judiciary on practical solutions to differing caps that they have", said a Justice Department official.

by | June 18, 2018 | 13:18

Taking cognizance of the plummeting air quality levels, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Thursday ordered to stop all civil construction activities across the national capital from June 15 to 17 to bring down the severe dust pollution .

by | June 18, 2018 | 12:02

Prosecutors had previously complained to the judge about Manafort's behavior as he awaits trial. Last week, Mueller added new charges to his indictment against Manafort for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice, stemming from claims of trying to interfere with potential witnesses.

by | June 18, 2018 | 11:57

The US statement did not say whether the attack had killed anyone and did not identify Fazlullah as the target. Also, three Pakistani soldiers were killed on on Friday when militants launched an attack on army posts along the border with Afghanistan from across the frontier, military officials said.