by | January 18, 2018 | 14:44

The crash happened in August of 2017, but one of the fishermen has just released the video after filing a lawsuit against the other boater, Fox News reports . According to the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office, Maess and his two passengers were treated at Columbia Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:41

Thirteen siblings in total were found: six children as young as 2, and seven adults as old as 29. "We remember them as a very nice couple", Trahan said, adding that Louise Turpin told him the family loved Disneyland and visited often.

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:42

She told Leahy that she did not "recall" Trump using that specific word, but when asked if he had used a substantially word, Nielsen pivoted hard enough to blow out a knee. Niesen said Trump told the group, "He'd like to move away from a country-based quota system to a merit-based quota system". Nielsen said Trump was simply conveying that the US would like to have immigrants with hardworking skills who "assimilate" and contribute to the U.S.

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:30

The pair, who were appointed by President Mnangagwa, had been elevated to similar positions in the ruling Zanu-PF party on Saturday. He took the oath of office at the presidential office in Harare . Mr. Mnangagwa has appointed several senior military officers to his cabinet and the ruling party's top decision-making body, the Politburo. Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Paddy Zhanda, all former ministers, are believed to be among the prime targets because they are suspected of ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:16

I appreciate some people have made a decision to say how they will vote without having see the wording. Varadkar added that, because Ireland has benefitted from the European Union, it has a responsibility "to lead on the future of Europe debate".

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:14

The 2022 edition of the Commonwealth Games will feature just the second time that beach volleyball will be played, as the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia has picked up the event for the first time. "We are making sure that we are not building something that is not going to be relevant to the community in the future", he told The Times . According to the BBC Birmingham is expected to be officially announced as the victor later today.

by | January 18, 2018 | 14:02

Espanyol's Oscar Melendo celebrates after scoring the first goal against Barcelona. Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde did not use all of the team's regular starters, leaving players such as Luis Suarez on the bench. Police said the incident was under investigation but they believed the confrontation took place among Atletico fans. Melendo scored the only goal of the game with two minutes remaining of a highly exciting derby tie, as Barcelona suffered their first defeat of the season ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:56

Ryan is gambling that enough Democrats in the Senate will go along. The measure includes funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, but not a fix for young immigrants brought to the country illegally . "You are never out of the woods when Congress is in session, but I'm much less concerned". Lindsey Graham , R-S.C. and Dick Durbin , D-Ill., during a profanity-laden meeting at the White House .

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:55

Even fans of Shilpa Shinde have congratulated the actress on her grand winning through comments. I want to say that I am her big fan. And Ravi Dubey, who was cheering for Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan , also tweeted a heartfelt message. During the three-month long show, a video surfaced online where Hina was seen saying, "Maine bola naa who baat hi aise karti hai jaise...(I told you that she talks like a.)" she is seen mouthing the words "call girl" and "chawl girl" and that portion was ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:44

The U.S. January 16 called for a new bilateral relationship with Pakistan at the conclusion of a top U.S. diplomat's two-day visit here. The Russian side is ready to provide a platform for direct talks between Afghanistan's government and the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia), the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Wednesday due to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's upcoming visit to NY on January 18-19 where he will take part in the UN Security Council meetings on ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:37

Don't be surprised if we warm up close to 60° on Saturday, as south winds really crank in unseasonably warm air, out ahead of our next storm system. With growing confidence that central North Carolina will be affected by the latest approaching winter storm, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service in Raleigh for Orange County and the surrounding area.

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:33

The Kazakh emergency services ministry said it was travelling from the southern Kazakh town of Shymkent to the Russian city of Samara on the Volga river, a distance of nearly 1,900 kilometres (1200 miles). More than 50 people have been killed after fire spread quickly through a bus in northern Kazakhstan this morning. The bus driver said the passengers were Uzbek nationals while the vehicle was registered in Kazakhstan, emergency services ministry official Ruslan Imankulov told AFP.

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:21

The defense ministry announced in a tweet Thursday that its Agni-V ICBM was launched from Abdul Kalam island, off the coast of the eastern state of Odisha. "The redundant Navigation systems, very high accuracy Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System (RINS) and the most modern and accurate Micro Navigation System (MINS) had ensured the missile reached the target point within few metres of accuracy".

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:06

The response from local jurisdictions came after The Chronicle reported that USA officials are gearing up for a major dragnet in Northern California, during which they will seek to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented immigrants. Thomas Homan, the acting director of ICE, said last month that federal immigration officials are prepared to protect local communities in California if local officials refuse to do so.

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:04

While cutting support to Syrian rebel groups that have fought Assad, the United States has deepened ties with a Kurdish-led militia alliance, the Syrian Democratic Forces, with which it partnered against Islamic State. "What are the benefits of establishing such an army?" he asked. Turkey, which fights a Kurdish militancy on its soil, sees any further empowerment of the Syrian Kurds as an immediate threat to security, and has vowed to fight the new "terrorist" army.

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:04

As a result, Antoine had been arrested when authorities learned that the two friends had taken a selfie just hours before her body was discovered. Antoine, who was at first accused of second-degree murder, additionally in the end admitted to a companion that she had hit Gargol and choked her, CBC detailed from court .

by | January 18, 2018 | 13:04

Former Today co-host Katie Couric will be making her return to NBC in order to co-host the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in PyeongChang , South Korea alongside Mike Tirico . ET on and the NBC Sports app . This will be Tirico's first Opening Ceremony, which is a far cry from Couric's experience of three ceremonies.

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:53

The Quinnipiac University survey shows 45 percent of voters think the president is mentally stable, while 47 percent say he is not. But you can be sure that if the Dow was down 8,000 points since the election, virtually every story would start by tying it to Trump.

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:50

A Hard Freeze Warning remains in place until 11am Thursday for the entire WDSU viewing area. After a cold day Tuesday with a high near 15°, lows will fall back into the single digits early Wednesday morning. It only takes 30 minutes for frost bite to occur. Also, make sure that all heat sources are safe and appropriate for use overnight . Light snow through the overnight hours have roads coated in the Miami Valley causing some slick conditions.

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:50

Despite rejecting the regime change and nation-building model of past USA interventions in the region, Tillerson said that the United States must not repeat its "mistake" in leaving Iraq. Beyond counterterrorism, though, Tillerson outlined a much broader mission for US forces in Syria than when Trump first entered office with an nearly singular focus on defeating terrorists .

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:45

He later continued: "I pointed out to all of the members that were in the room that they all say things during the course of campaigns that may or may not be fully informed". According to the Post , Kelly said the Trump administration is pushing for increased border security because cartels are still managing to sneak their illicit drugs into the U.S.

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:44

She is facing up to 12 years in prison. The Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Ms. "That would be captured on camera and then that is broadcast overseas", he said. Critics also highlight Ahed's trial taking place in a juvenile military court, which they say does not protect the rights of minors or guarantee a fair trial.

by | January 18, 2018 | 12:45

The boy is admitted in trauma centre of the hospital. The father of the victim, who works as a peon in the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court, said that he was informed by the school authorities about his son getting hurt. According to the boy's statement, which he gave to the police on January 17, the girl, while beating him said she was doing so to get the school to close early.

by | January 18, 2018 | 06:53

The band off Lake Erie is stretching as far east as Auburn. Erie, Pennsylvania , experienced the latter on Monday, when a total of 34 inches of snow fell on Christmas Day, blanketing the city and shattering the city's previous records for snowfall in a single day.

by | January 18, 2018 | 05:02

Students and teachers at a school in Puerto Rico were beyond ecstatic when the electricity came back on for the first time in months. APS employees say they're happy to help however they can. Video of the students' ecstatic reaction is now going viral after staff posted it to the school's Facebook page . And while their happiness is at an ecstatic level, it's sobering to think that people have gone without power for so long.

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:36

Barbour said Bracamontes wrote a suicide note before surrendering. The admission came shortly after Bracamontes repeatedly interrupted the courtroom proceedings by insulting his victims. " Coward ", the illegal alien said of Scott Brown who had just seen his partner, Oliver, shot and killed. Norgaard explained to the jury how, after Oliver was shot, his partner retreated from the heavy gunfire.

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:29

But it sharply reduces the number of Americans who itemise deductions on their tax returns, and cuts back the number and scope of many available deductions. Democrats call the legislation a boon to the rich. "It's always fun when you win, isn't it?" he said. The bill also includes language to waive certain pay-as-you-go rules that the GOP tax bill would trigger because of the new debt in their tax bill, which won't be signed into law until these so-called Paygo rules are nullified with ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:17

In addition to those killed, there are 159 people missing, spokeswoman Mina Marasigan of the Philippines' national disaster management agency said Sunday. The storm was moving west on Sunday, over some outlying Philippine islands and the South China Sea toward southern Vietnam, at a speed of about 12 miles per hour.

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:12

According to the victor of Thursday's Catalan elections , this victory "makes it more visible that Catalonia is plural" and that has sent a "message" to Spain and the world that "the social majority feels Catalan, Spanish and European, and will continue to do so".

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:12

Police arrested the driver and a second man, who was freed quickly, and said they believed it was a deliberate act . A second man who was arrested at the scene has since been released. The male driver was arrested very quickly by police, and a second man, who was also alleged to have been in the vehicle, has also been arrested. Police in Australia say the man who crashed his auto into Melbourne pedestrians yesterday has blamed "the mistreatment of Muslims" for "some of his ...

by | January 18, 2018 | 04:09

Mr Puigdemont , who fled Spain nearly two months ago to avoid arrest after going against court rulings and pushing for unilateral Catalan independence, said in Brussels that Thursday's election opened up "a new era " for Catalonia. "I am still, and have not stopped being, the president of the regional government", Puigdemont said. I think the Catalan people expressed with their votes what they are.

by | January 18, 2018 | 03:19

The Met Office has confirmed that parts of Scotland , Northern Ireland and northern England can expect up to 20cm (8 in) of snow, also warning of 70mph winds in some places. Gritters were out in force across Scotland, with pictures on social media showing particularly hard driving conditions on the M8 near Easterhouse. A fresh or strong West wind will gust to severe gale force in exposed areas at first, before decreasing somewhat and "backing" into the South West through the afternoon.

by | January 18, 2018 | 00:14

The global community and rights groups have stressed that the Myanmar government must guarantee the "safe and voluntary" return of the refugees, and urged that worldwide organizations be allowed to participate. Many refugees start at transit centres set up along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border before they are brought to the main refugee camps in Cox's Bazar.

by | January 18, 2018 | 00:07

Ronny Jackson to release a battery of data from the tests. "If you think Trump is racist at 71, imagine how racist he'll be when he's 200!" Critics began openly questioning Trump's mental heath this month following a tweet in which he said he has a bigger nuclear button than North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and the publication of Fire and Fury , a book about the White House, in which anonymous Trump acquaintances questioned the president's mental stability.

by | January 18, 2018 | 00:06

However, Prime Minister Saad Hariri stepped in, asking the minister to "overrule and reverse the banning recommendations of the commission and authorize the movie to be released ", according to Carlo Vincenti, marketing manager at regional distributor Italia Films, who said there had been "unprecedented pressure" from the press, politicians and on social media.