by | January 12, 2018 | 19:12

Twenty-six states have passed statutes that legalize marijuana to some extent. Both mayors said they believe marijuana should be reclassified from a Schedule 1 drug to something less risky. The Deputy Attorney General at the time James M. Cole decided that the federal government would only step in to stop trafficking of marijuana in places that it was still illegal.

by | January 12, 2018 | 19:12

Fireworks explode over Sydney Harbour during New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney. From Sydney, Australia to Taipei, Taiwan , here's a look at New Year's celebrations around the world. The party at Celebration Square will now kick off at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday to keep people warm while they ring in 2018. Resolutions are something everyone asks about this time of year.

by | January 12, 2018 | 19:05

The only housemate to be previously confirmed by Channel 5 , the 52-year-old's stint on the show follows her father Stanley's recent experience in last month's series of I'm A Celebrity... What is Jess Impiazzi known for? . Channel 5 have confirmed the first male housemate that'll enter Celebrity Big Brother 2018 on Friday. After waving goodbye to the stars, the cameras were left on the new housemates making boring chit-chat to cover for the fact Emma wasn't ready yet to do her next ...

by | January 12, 2018 | 19:04

Singh's attorney could not be immediately reached. The Justice Department, in an official statement, said, "Singh's denaturalisation is the first arising out of a growing body of cases referred to the Department of Justice by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as part of Operation Janus ".

by | January 12, 2018 | 19:01

On December 23, Lalu Prasad along with 15 others, was convicted in fodder scam and sent to jail in Ranchi . In 2013, when the CBI court had convicted him for five years in a case related to fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 37.5 crores from Chaibasa treasury, he had to spend more than two months in jail before he was set free.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:46

Israel has not clearly said where the immigrants will go but tacitly recognizes that it is too risky to return the Sudanese and Eritreans to their homes. "We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out", he said, according to Reuters . "It has published a denial, although I have to say that Uganda has for years been denying that it has some kind of deal with Israel ", he said.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:41

Applying the same logic to the border wall , what if Congress passes a bill recognizing the damaging consequences of our porous border situation, and mandating the construction of a wall and/or other border security and control measures (like the legislation in 1995 recognizing the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and would be the site of the U.S.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:39

President Trump has indicated infrastructure will likely be his top legislative priority. Jones said former Vice President Joe Biden, who headlined Jones' campaign kickoff rally, and former Attorney General Eric Holder are expected to be among his guests today.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:39

Sixteen of these disasters caused over $1 billion in damage. Forget the frequency, though: the magnitude of these droughts, floods, deep freezes, storms, tropical cyclones, and wildfires is where the attention should be focused. According to the NOAA, that is triple the previous record for wildfires. With 2017 on the record books, each of the five warmest years on record have come since 2006.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:39

State Department talking head Heather Nauert informed the impediment would remain in place until Pakistan takes action in opposition to the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network . He added that the figures put forward by Washington differ from the reality and that, during the fight against terror, Pakistan has taken up expenditures that the United States is yet to reimburse.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:29

Another interesting tidbit is that Charlotte is learning both English and Spanish. At the time, the Duchess of Cambridge confessed she was trying to teach Charlotte Spanish too, so the young Princess has caught up quickly in less than a year.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:13

The average price was $915 last January, increasing to $14,392 by December - a rise of 1,473%. Ethereum certainly pales when compared to Bitcoin's valuations the moment. Other experts indicate that 2018 will likely have more forks than 2017. Bitcoin has enjoyed a meteoric rise this year - but its younger sibling Litecoin actually has more than twice its year-to-date gain.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:13

The regime hopes to seize control of southeast parts of Idlib province to secure a main road between the capital Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo . The Observatory said the blasts were the result of explosions in an arms depot east of Latakia. The Observatory said the attacks were carried out by an Islamist rebel faction that operates in rural Latakia province, southwest of, and which had targeted the air base a number of times since December 31.

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:07

A semi driver was not paying attention and hit the rear of a second semi, which caused the second semi to hit a third, according to State Police Sgt. Stephan Wheeles. Wheeles said the crash happened at about 5 a.m. "Everyone at that time made the decision to kind of backup for their safety", he said. A passenger in Okpeh's vehicle, Senesie Kuyateh, of Jacksonville, FL was injured in the collision and was transported to Scott Memorial Hospital with injuries not believed to be ...

by | January 12, 2018 | 18:05

Grimes and a majority of Secretaries of State across the nation refused to submit voter information to the commission , which was set up by President Trump previous year. "I had serious doubts about the commission's credibility and trustworthiness", he said Wednesday. The president continued with an argument in favor of voter identification laws.

by | January 12, 2018 | 17:49

President Donald Trump signs two presidential orders to increase access to broadband internet to rural America, in Nashville, Tenn., on January 8, 2018 . Bob Corker, Rep. Diane Black and Rep. Marsha Blackburn have joined Trump on Air Force One for the trip to Nashville. Hansen said improving Internet access has been and remains an important issue for rural America, but he stressed that the top priority right now is to keep those who make a living from the land in business.

by | January 12, 2018 | 17:44

More snow for mountainous and northern ME may be in the mix of ice and rain predicted for Friday and Saturday, while weekend flooding could occur along the coast, according to the National Weather Service . Saturday's precipitation could include freezing rain, sleet and an uncertain amount of snow accumulation, Thompson said. Last year, Cape Giradeau, Mo., experience a temperature drop from 70 to 11 degrees.

by | January 12, 2018 | 17:06

Police are searching for a suspect after a possible armed robbery scare at the Walgreens in Hamburg Wednesday night. According to the report, the second suspect approached the counter, knocking merchandise to the floor and taking the cash register.

by | January 12, 2018 | 17:09

Getting nowhere with the staff, Baraka made his way over to the bus stop to check on the woman. The unidentified woman appeared to be unable to speak in the video that drew national and global attention. The woman, wearing nothing but a hospital gown and some socks hunches over and screams repeatedly, as she walks in circles on the sidewalk away. " University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus (UMMC) as a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) student - may I remind you of the ...

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:48

Israel's state-owned defence contractor Rafael announced on January 3 that India had cancelled a $500 million order to buy its Spike anti-tank guided missiles. Speaking Thursday at the Globes Israel Business Conference in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the budget would contribute to Israel's above-OECD-average economic growth, with predictions for 3.5% GDP growth next year.

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:36

Speaking to media after Friday's service, Tick and Kate, as well as Dolly's sister Meg, said they would remember Dolly as "a kind, gentle and loving little girl who loved her animals and cared so deeply for other people less fortunate then her".

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:10

The ministry also warned of alleged "arbitrary arrests" of Turkish citizens, including public servants travelling to the USA for official duty. The warning also pointed out the risk of "arbitrary arrests" of Turkish citizens, saying judicial decisions could be made by pre-established, unfounded claims and slander of the networks of US -based Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of masterminding the 2016 coup attempt.

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:07

The thieves seized watches from display cases holding wares from Rolex and Piaget, and then targeted the Alexandre Reza jewellery boutique inside the hotel. "I can confirm that all the stolen jewels were found in the bag recovered by police officers", a source close to the investigation was quoted as saying by French daily Le Figaro late on Thursday.

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:03

According to a "no-find, no-fee" contract awarded to the seabed exploration firm, Ocean Infinity, the latter will receive up to 70 million dollars if successful. Plunkett estimated that the underwater drones can cover an area of 1,200 square kms in a day, and complete 25,000 square kilometres target within a month.

by | January 12, 2018 | 16:00

Indeed, shortly after that election , Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz vowed not to renew their " grand coalition " and instead go into opposition. Although there was some movement in their discussions, albeit point by point, an adjournment of the talks was also not ruled early Friday. "The negotiations are not just about a coalition, but also their careers".

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:46

Zainab is the eighth child to have been raped and murdered in Kasur in the last 12 months, according to police. Just days after the horrific rape and murder case of eight-year-old Zainab from Kasur shook the nation, another similar case was reported in Sargodha.

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:39

Nottingham train station has been evacuated this morning after a major fire began at around 6.30am, causing huge disruption. CrossCountry Trains tweeted: "Due to a fire at Nottingham station, our trains can not run between Derby & Nottingham".

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:32

The ministers spoke with reporters in London, Ont., where Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are holding a retreat. Flags are pictured during the fifth round of NAFTA talks involving the United States, Mexico and Canada, in Mexico City in November.

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:09

The press conference was called by Justices Madan B. Lokur , Kurien Joseph , Ranjan Gogoi and Jasti Chelameswar and took place from the lawns of Justice Chelameswar's official residence in New Delhi . In a letter released subsequently, the judges have accused that cases are being assigned selectively and that certain cases are allocated to benches of preference.

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:07

Assange (46) was granted political asylum in the embassy when Swedish prosecutors were investigating sex crime allegations against him. Earlier this week Britain rejected Ecuador's request to give Mr Assange diplomatic status , which would have given him extra protections including special legal immunity and safe passage.

by | January 12, 2018 | 15:07

She has been identified as 24-year-old Brittany White, the first homicide victim of 2018 in the Queen City. Bennett ambushed police officers outside the headquarters late Thursday and shot one officer in the leg before being killed by return fire from the police.

by | January 12, 2018 | 12:27

Tunisia has been seen as a rare success story of the uprising that toppled longtime dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, but people still feel disenfranchised. The powerful UGTT trade union said young unemployed Tunisians had legitimate demands but condemned the "violence and looting", calling for peaceful protests .

by | January 12, 2018 | 12:24

The spokesperson said that Pakistan had been facilitating the US-led mission in Afghanistan through air and ground lines of communication for the last sixteen years. This was perhaps the first mention of one of "specific actions" USA officials said they wanted Pakistan to undertake for the resumption of aid flow. The army general said that all operations Pakistan undertook against terrorists were different in nature from each other.

by | January 12, 2018 | 09:22

The water and powerful debris flows destroyed about 100 homes and damaged 300 others in the Montecito community, known for its multimillion-dollar properties. Bill Brown , sheriff of Santa Barbara, said: "The best way I can describe it is, it looked like a World War One battlefield". Rescue crews searched for survivors on Wednesday following the disaster that flattened homes and swept away cars.

by | January 12, 2018 | 09:11

Theresa May offered Trump a full state visit, including a trip to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace, after he was first elected. In 2015 Lydia Muniz, the director of the bureau of overseas building operations at the State Department, said that upgrading the existing embassy would have cost $550 million and still would not be as secure as the new embassy according to the Associated Press .