Britain hotter than 1976 as Spanish winds blow furnace heat

Britain hotter than 1976 as Spanish winds blow furnace heat

Temperatures in many parts of Spain and Portugal will remain above 40 Celsius at least until Sunday, and could rise a further 2 or 3 degrees.

Tourism operators, such as Thomas Cook and Alltours, were quoted by German news agency DPA as saying that last-minute bookings for the Mediterranean are down, as holidaymakers seek out cooler temperatures on the North Sea and Baltic coastlines. Spain's all-time record of 46.9 C (116.42 F) was set in Cordoba in July 2017. Highs are expected to reach record-breaking temperatures in inland areas this weekend.

The hot air mass coming in from Africa is also bringing dust from the Sahara Desert.

Eight places in the centre, south and east of Portugal have broken their local temperature records as Europe swelters.

The latest long-range forecast comes as up to one million Brits overseas in the Mediterranean sizzled yesterday in temperatures peaking at 45.5C (113.9F), driven by an African plume of hot air sweeping across Europe.

On Friday, temperatures are likely to hit at least 29C and possibly 30C in southern parts of the United Kingdom, with temperatures elsewhere sitting at around 24C to 25C.

The hottest temperature recorded in Spain on Friday was 44.7 Celsius in Badajoz, in Extremadura, while the mercury hit 44.5 Celsius in Seville, in Andalucia, according to CNN forecasters.

The World Meteorological Organisation said continental Europe's heat record is 48 degrees, set in Greece in 1977.

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"Combined with high pressure in charge, blue skies every day, and the ground already warmed up, that leads to a day-on-day build, combining to give us these intense temperatures", the official said.

Ipma, the Portuguese national weather service, said the period of exceptional heat was comparable to the 2003 record-setting season. Scientists monitoring the decline say the glacier will lose its title of the highest point to the mountain's northern tip.

Norwegian authorities have urged motorists to watch out for reindeer that are seeking refuge in tunnels to cool themselves due to extreme heat in the far North.

"That's maybe a temperature that might happen in the interior part of the country".

Fires raged through a coastal town in Greece in July leaving more than 91 people dead and some affected families are now filing a lawsuit against the Greek authorities.

Researchers say that climate change has made the heat wave twice as long as it should be.

"In Britain, Friday could be as hot as last Friday, with 34C not out of the question".

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