Donald Trump’s big European Union trade win is no more than rhetoric

Donald Trump’s big European Union trade win is no more than rhetoric

The EU commission chief betrayed some scepticism in a remark at a speech in the United States capital later the same day.

President Donald Trump proved himself once again as a "man of action" in a "town of talk" by gaining major trade concessions on Wednesday with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, according to Kellyanne Conway. "I'm happy that we agreed to this agreement today".

Juncker - who was previously the prime minister of Luxembourg, a country of fewer than 600,000 people - said that the two sides would "hold off on other tariffs" for now.

"U.S. soybean producers want to see President Trump succeed in meeting his trade campaign goals of achieving better trade deals and greater market access", said American Soybean Association President John Heisdorffer.

The damage to U.S. farmers prompted the Trump administration earlier this month to announce $12 billion (€10 billion) in farm subsidies, mostly to soybean growers.

It also extends talks on aluminum and steel after the USA imposition of tariffs resulted in the European Union unleashing retaliatory measures.

"There is no doubt that farmers have been hurt by trade retaliation, and I understand the good intentions of the Administration to help American agriculture". The U.S. and European Union will work together to reform the World Trade Organization, Trump said. "The trade between us creates jobs on both sides of the Atlantic - 6.9 million of them in the United States, 4.7 million jobs in the European Union".

An EU official said there was significant pressure from Trump administration officials to increase EU soybean purchases as part of any trade deal.

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Trump said he "opened up Europe for you farmers", to a crowd in Iowa on Thursday.

"We are starting the negotiation right now, but we know where it is going and proclaiming "a new phase" in US-EU trade relations".

Shares of BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Daimler AG jumped yesterday following a pledge from the two leaders to "hold off on other tariffs" while they negotiate a deal to expand European imports of United States liquefied natural gas (LNG) and soybeans and lower industrial levies.

"It's closely related", she said.

Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., said Trump and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said they are still planning to have a reworked NAFTA by early fall, and that Lighthizer pledged to provide the lawmakers with details on several other smaller agreements he said were coming together, including with South Korea and South America.

FOUR TRADE PRINCIPLES: High-level trade negotiations will follow the 4 principles agreed to by President Trump and President Juncker.

The daily reports that on the whole, Trump ditched his argumentative approach, which he used during the G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summits; instead, he was "charming, well-briefed" and "made an effort" to reach a deal.

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