The Next Xbox Console Might Be Streaming Only

The Next Xbox Console Might Be Streaming Only

At The Verge, a report suggests that the streaming service is codenamed "XCloud". I think it's important to point this out so that those who prefer to have all their hardware locally, will have an option with the next generation Xbox.

We heard yesterday that Microsoft is working on a new generation of Xbox devices which would be called Scarlett, and which would support the Scarlet cloud, which would let games render mostly in the cloud but in part on the device, producing a latency-free high-quality gaming experience. The device has now been dubbed "Scarlett Cloud" and will be able to handle controller input and image processing.

Scarlett Cloud, as one of Thurrott's sources referred to it, is a lower-powered, game-streaming device reported to be shipping alongside the traditional console. Calling this an AI or ML-driven task may be a stretch - it's certainly possible that we'll see brands dive to rebrand everything with "AI" the same way cloud computing pushed firms to suddenly discover cloud-related tie-ins they could leverage for brand management - but it's also possible that Microsoft has ideas for this process that would qualify it as AI/ML.

And that is very important as Microsoft doesn't typically make much money on the hardware sales but they do on things like Xbox Live, Xbox Gamepass, and game sales.

While the traditional console is said to be in the early days of development, Thurrott had a lot more to report on the streaming box, which is said to work with Microsoft's upcoming game streaming platform.

Could MS finally use tech it claimed would appear in Crackdown 3
Could MS finally use tech it claimed would appear in Crackdown 3

The benefit here is that Microsoft's cloud platform reaches around the globe with data centers in every major market.

All games will reportedly run on both Scarlett devices.

Furthermore, Sams states that all Xbox Scarlett games will work on all devices. Scarlett Cloud will apparently be closer to Microsoft's Azure servers and this is how the company will reduce latency in multiplayer games. I believe a better solution would be to let Windows 10 users run high-end games on their own cheap laptops using their split-rendering solution.

The streaming Xbox will be significantly cheaper than what we are used to paying for a console, but more than existing streaming boxes out there.

You'll still be able to play the same games on both consoles, as the company isn't trying to create a disconnect there.

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