Trump Says He’s Running in 2020 Because ‘Everybody Wants Me To’

Trump Says He’s Running in 2020 Because ‘Everybody Wants Me To’

US President Donald Trump struck another blow during in an interview published in Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper on July 13. "It seems like everybody wants me to".

Trump had declined to spell out what his advice to May had been, in an interview with US TV network CBS, but added: "Maybe she'll take it, it's something she could do if she wanted to".

The demonstrators, who had gathered on the nearby beach, climbed a hill to ensure the president could see them when he took to the golf course.

Mr. Trump's first official visit to Britain this week came ahead of a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday.

Speaking of the 92-year-old Queen, Trump was quoted as saying: 'She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so handsome, when I say attractive - inside and out.

She is a Prime Minister on the ropes, humiliated by departing Cabinet Ministers and by the US President, struggling to get her European Union strategy passed by her party. Let us join our closest allies once again and forget this sorry period in British history.

'She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so lovely.'WORLD EXCLUSIVE: President Trump talks to Piers Morgan about his historic meeting with the Queen and much more.

Mr Trump and wife Melania were due to spend half an hour with the Queen on Thursday but stayed longer than expected after their afternoon tea overran by 20 minutes.

Mr Trump also underlined his determination to have peace as a priority on the show, which was entitled Piers, The President and Air Force One, last night and added: "I would like to see peace".

USA challenges trading partners' retaliatory tariffs at WTO
Trump's action to place original tariffs, arguing they are justified to protect the USA national security. US crude fell 1.6 percent at $69.88 a barrel, sent lower by easing concerns about supply disruptions.

United Kingdom ministers vote to reveal extent of anger over May's Brexit strategy
The first resignation came the day after the plan was unveiled at the Prime Minister's country retreat Chequers. Some in the pro-EU faction have also rejected the plan.

Stranger Things 3 release date possibly revealed in new teaser
Additionally, the Mayor of Hawkins ( Cary Elwes ) has drafted a letter to the people of his town about the incoming shopping mall. The teaser claims the mall is "coming next summer", which is the closest we'll get to a release date for now.

The president later sought to soften the blow, telling reporters at Friday's joint news conference that May was an "incredible woman" who is "doing a fantastic job" as prime minister. "That is a handsome woman".

"He told me I should sue the European Union - sue the European Union - not go into negotiations, sue them".

So usually that helps.

While May was dismissive of Trump's suggestion to launch legal proceedings against Brussels, she did highlight his concerns over "no deal" with Brussels.

However, critics said May had caved in to pressure from Brexit supporters who want a complete break with Europe.

Britain's status as part of the EU's single market and tariff-free customs union for goods will end after the United Kingdom leaves the bloc in March. "Now, if they do whatever they do, they have to, I said make sure you have a carve out - you know I call it a carve out from have to have a carve out - where no matter what happens they have the right to make a deal with the United States". "That's a really good thing".

Of his upcoming meeting with Putin on Monday, Trump was more guarded.

"I did. She said it's a very - and she's right - it's a very complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be."

Saying the EU is "very hard", Trump berated the 28-member union over trade - complaining that European nations have taken advantage of the United States. If 48 letters were received it would trigger a vote on whether she should be replaced - but reports suggested the rebels would fail to get enough support.

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