Two US Navy warships sail through Taiwan Strait

Two US Navy warships sail through Taiwan Strait

Communist China insists the island is a "wayward province". They are counting on inertia and the glum forecast for independence among Taiwanese youth to maintain the status quo for now, and gradually nudge the island back under Beijing's control as China's regional power swells.

In fact, the island was a Japanese protectorate before World War II.

"We urge the United States to at once scrupulously abide by the one-China principle.and avoid harming China-U.S. relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait", she added.

Charlie Brown, a spokesman with the U.S. Pacific Fleet, confirmed the voyage, but played down its significance.

Two U.S. Navy ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday, a move that comes amid increasing tension between the Trump administration and China over trade.

China has boosted its own military presence in the region, sailing its own aircraft carrier through the strait in January.

"Taiwan is a key "core interest" of Beijing and recently we see more strident resistance voiced out in Chinese state media against perceived USA moves to undermine such interest", Koh said.

Both destroyers are based in Japan.

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The U.S. administration may choose to undertake further steps in support of Taiwan.

The U.S. Navy has not sailed an aircraft carrier in that area since 2007.

The USS Ronald Reagan did not take part in the manoeuvre. The move is considered the first USA naval activity in the area since July past year. Instead, they've been turned into heavily defended, hardened fortresses.

China has claimed that Taiwan is part of the country, while Taiwan views itself as an independent nation.

USS Benfold with the Australian flag flying during a friendly visit. "And Taiwan is surely a litmus test for (Chinese President) Xi Jinping's repeated exhortation to protect China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity".

"We anticipate in the run-up to elections at the end of this year and continuing until the 2020 presidential elections Taiwan will become a global hotspot for cyber attacks and fake news", said a spokesperson for President Tsai-ing wen (蔡英文), reported the Financial Times of London.

Since 2016, China has been gradually applying pressure on Taiwan's diplomatic partners, resulting in at least six countries switching their diplomatic recognition to Beijing from Taipei. "We need to work together to reaffirm our values of democracy and freedom in order to constrain China and also minimise the expansion of their hegemonic influence".

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