JK Rowling Puts Trump On Blast For His Sloppy Yet Ironic Tweeting

JK Rowling Puts Trump On Blast For His Sloppy Yet Ironic Tweeting

"I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!".

Instead of "pore over" he wrote "pour over" and later corrected the tweet making author JK Rowling burst out in fits of laughter.

Trump might "pride myself on my ability to write", but the Harry Potter author was quick to point out that a ghostwriter actually penned all his books!

The US president shared the tweet attacking the media over "Fake News", while also boasting about his "many best selling books" and his 'ability to write'.

Just as America was celebrating its 242nd Independence Day, the great nation realised it's not totally free from its President's tweets.

The tweet received widespread attention and bestselling author JK Rowling, made it clear she is not a fan of Trump. Trump, or someone on his PR team, took Rowling's comments to heart and deleted the original tweet, reposting it with the correct spelling of "pore", as in to pour over a book.

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Donald Trump's attempt to silence haters backfired in the best way.

The official Twitter account for the dictionary Merriam-Webster also made light of Trump's error.

In a sequence of following tweets, Rowling tweeted "pour" succeeded by many more "hahaha" suggesting that Mr Trump may have used Ghostwriters (meaning: Writers who write for others ) for his books.

Vehement Trump critic and young adult author famous for having written the Harry Potter novels takes to Twitter to roast the American president.

The president quickly deleted and reposted the tweet correcting the error, but it was too late.

Either way, Trump is a controversial figure, and celebrities love to make fun of him. It provided definitions for "pore over" and "pour over", and went one step further, defining "comb over" - a not so subtle reference to the president's signature hairstyle.

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