Apple may introduce blue, red and orange iPhones this fall

Apple may introduce blue, red and orange iPhones this fall

If true, it would be the first expansion of color options since the iPhone 5C launched in 2013.

"It is very possible that when Kuo says "grey" and "white" he is referring to the Space Grey and Silver finishes as seen on the current iPhone X", 9to5Mac reports. The 6.1-inch LCD phone, however, could come in an array of colors, including gray, white, blue, orange, and red. This year, Apple is rumored to launch three new iPhones.

Apple is expected to launch several new models of its iPhone later this year.

"Unlike most Apple devices, the 6.1" device will reportedly ship with a variety of color options, including red, orange, blue, grey and white.

Tech experts have claimed that Apple will equip a future iPhone with a new type of power supply which could mean a lot of people's old plugs are made redundant. He believes that the 5.8-inch iPhone X will see its price knocked down to $899 and that Apple will release the LCD iPhone for around $700.

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That's a lot of colors and options for consumers.

Along with the new designs we're also expecting the latest iPhone X to have improved cameras, quicker unlocking via Apple's Face ID technology and a faster processor.

"With competitive pricing and the new attractive colors, Kuo is raising his predictions for iPhone sales", the report notes.

This is all speculation at the moment, but it comes from Kuo who has often been correct about iPhone rumors in the past.

There's no official word from Apple when these new phones will be unveiled but it's likely Apple will reveal all in early September.

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