Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest mulls tech overhaul after scoring mistakes

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest mulls tech overhaul after scoring mistakes

Joey Chestnut wins the annual Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest, setting a new world record by eating 74 hot dogs in Brooklyn, New York, July 4, 2018.

Eager to continue his dominance in the competition, Chestnut displayed a jaw-breaking eating endurance as he quickened the tempo by eating seven hot dogs in a minute.

What's a good Fourth of July celebration without a little friendly competition?

According to Chestnut, a hot dog became stuck in his throat at one point, but he maintained his cool.

In the women's competition, Sudo, a native New Yorker by way of Japan and Hawaii, accomplished her goal to "5-pete" the competition by gobbling 37 hot dogs and water-dipped buns in 10 minutes.

And it was Joey Chestnut, the reigning champion, who won the stomach-turning prize once again, giving him 11 out of 12 wins.

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Over a decade ago, Chestnut sent shockwaves into the competition as he dethroned erstwhile six-time defending champion Takeru Kobayashi of Japan by eating a then world record of 66 hot dogs. Runner-up Carmen Cincotti's official tally shot up to 64 from 45 after the recount.

If you're looking to catch the weird eating event live as it happens, or even if you're just looking for an excuse to sneak inside and escape the sweltering heat for a few minutes, you can catch all of the hot dog eating madness live on ESPN 2.

Joey Chestnut is undefeated! Thomas is referred to as the Black Widow, and in 2012 she finished more hot dogs than 10 of the 15 men who entered the men's contest. Get the full story on this annual event here.

The competitive eater, a San Jose resident, will defend his Nathan's title at Coney Island on Wednesday, the Fourth of July.

As crowds donning hot dog hats packed Coney Island, Chestnut alternated between shoving two hot dogs and two buns into his mouth for the duration of the competition.

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