Nintendo and Xbox fire shots at Sony with new crossplay video

Nintendo and Xbox fire shots at Sony with new crossplay video

"Minecraft" is already able to be played across many - except for PS4.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Despite demands from gamers, Sony has consistently failed to provide a satisfactory reason for its customers, leaving them to - in the case of Fortnite - have two different accounts with progression that exists independent of each other.

Sony has also refused to allow cross-platform play with Microsoft and Nintendo for "Minecraft", stating that they can not control the user base and protect the many younger players who enjoy "Minecraft".

Microsoft and Nintendo are both vocally pushing for the ability to play some games across competing platforms. At this point, playing pirated games on a Switch is perfectly possible, so Nintendo is cracking down with some strict new policies.

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Over the a year ago, console hackers and modders have been chipping away at the Nintendo Switch, discovering what makes the console tick and how to work around its security. The Switch trailed the PlayStation 4 in total system sales across all units. Currently, the hottest video game on the planet, Fortnite was downloaded over 2 million times by Nintendo players in its first 24 hours of availability.

On Tuesday, Sony, which is about to hit the fifth anniversary of its latest device "PlayStation 4", announced that the company is planning to cut the cost of some of its best-selling games.

Sony always has something for its community whether it's in terms of exclusive games or special discounts. Okay, not really, but Nintendo did put an ad today in which Xbox and Nintendo Switch owners share some Minecraft adventures. Presumably, that means that we will see similar commercials from Microsoft touting the Switch and cross-play capability.

In response to the recent controversy regarding Fortnite cross-play, Sony released a statement. This makes it a relatively slim margin between Sony and Microsoft, with a similar result happening past year, but with the companies flipped.

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