Robert De Niro Slams President at Tony Awards

Robert De Niro Slams President at Tony Awards

Robert De Niro introduced a performance by Bruce Springsteen at the 72nd annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall, Sunday, in NY.

The 74-year-old actor introduced a performance by Bruce Springsteen, and took the opportunity to denounce Trump in NSFW language.

"I'm going to say one thing, F- Trump", De Niro said while pumping his fists in the air.

The CBS television audience heard dead silence instead of De Niro's comments, The Associated Press reports.

At the recent Tony Awards, Robert DeNiro yelled "f*** Trump" during a foul-mouthed rant and got a standing ovation for it!

"A note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president".

The crowd at New York's Radio City Music Hall began cheering, then gave him a standing ovation.

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"It's no longer "Down with Trump". And once, on this island we call Manhattan, the two-time Oscar victor took the stage, leaned into the mic and cursed (child, you should've heard it).

The "Raging Bull" star also used the opportunity to urge Americans to vote, and he praised Springsteen for his own political commitment.

De Niro is one of the most respected actors in the United States with two Oscar wins for "Raging Bull" and "The Godfather: Part II".

While CBS was quick to catch the swear for US audiences, the word wasn't censored during the Australian broadcast. There is a battle being waged for direction and the future of this nation-a battle between good and evil-and we need to pray.

"Bruce, you can rock the house like nobody else", De Niro said.

In October 2016, De Niro made headlines by declaring that he wanted to punch Trump in the face.

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