How to Watch EA Play at E3 2018

How to Watch EA Play at E3 2018

Today, at EA Play 2018, the company released new details regarding Anthem, Bioware's upcoming title.

Anthem will release on 22 February 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new production is a multiplayer cooperative adventure with elements of action and RPG, which stands out for its graphics, but which also immerses the players in the universe of science fiction. Not only did they show off a bit of new gameplay but we also got the release date as well. Thee will still be cosmetic DLC, but zero play to win.

Popular strategy game Command & Conquer is also making a comeback, with a new mobile game confirmed by EA.

Anthem, BioWare's massive new shared-worlds IP, won't have lootboxes of any kind. Before opening the event to fans and media alike for the next three days, the publisher hosted a conference to showcase some of their most noteworthy titles like Anthem, Unravel Two, and Battlefield V. Players will control characters who will don mech suits called "javelins" that give them superhero-like powers to take on the worlds hostile forces and creatures. Future Anthem players who want to dive right to start exploring Fort Tarsis and beyond immediately can pre-order the game now.

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One of the big questions about Anthem has always been how BioWare will fit its usual penchant for grand, player-centric stories into a multiplayer-focused experience. However, given the controversy behind some of Bungie's design choices in Destiny 2, Anthem definitely stands poised to grab on to some former Destiny players that have been disillusioned. It also combines four player co-op features with conversations that have world-altering choices. More so when you consider that EA doesn't really have any big games slated for that time of the year. Below we've listed all of the updates that were announced from this year's EA Play 2018.

EA's trialling a streaming service which'll let users play their games on any device, anywhere - as long as there's a decent internet connection.

Given that E3 2018 takes place in Los Angeles, the advertised event times are in GMT-7.

As it revealed past year, BioWare reiterated that Anthem is an online multiplayer role-playing game that you can play solo or with friends.

Okay so for the most part the EA Play conference was, well, mostly bad. With its October 19 launch date looming, we're bound to finally see some live gameplay at E3.

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