"Gears Of War 5" Trailer Debuts At E3

After announcing two smaller Gears universe games, Microsoft surprised the crowd with a confirmation of Gears of War 5. Unfortunately, by mobile Microsoft meant Android and iOS only so the game won't make it to Windows Phone. There's even a teaser trailer for Gears Pop!

While admittedly adorable, the news of "Gears Pop" was very much over-shadowed by the announcement of the highly anticipated "Gears of War 5" and "Gears of Wars: Tactics" for PC.

The announcement mentioned the biggest and handsome world created by The Coalition. It will feature true turn-based tactics and signature fast-paced brutal action with customizable weapons, squads and of course boss battles.

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Gears Pop!, due out sometime in 2019 for Android and iOS, will reimagine Gears characters like Marcus Fenix and others as walking, talking Funko Pop figures.

Gears Tactics, a PC exclusive without a release date, brings XCOM-like tactical, isometric gameplay to the Gears universe. Microsoft has also added the complete Gears of War catalogue to Xbox Game Pass.

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