Obama-era net neutrality has ended: What does it mean for you?

Obama-era net neutrality has ended: What does it mean for you?

fccdotgov/FlickrToday, the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) repeal of Obama-era "net neutrality" regulations goes into effect.

Net Neutrality protections prohibited internet providers from favoring or blocking access to particular products or websites. But as net neutrality supporters try to get the rules back in place, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is trying to convince Internet users that they're going to love the newly deregulated broadband industry.

Last month, FCC chairman Ajit Pai said the retraction of net neutrality rules was needed to remove needless and onerous regulations. Though whether anything will change depends on where you live, and what internet service providers choose to do with their newfound freedom.

For anyone who hasn't been following, net neutrality is the concept of treating all internet traffic the same, no matter where it originates from.

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"Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored", Pai said in a statement last month. New online services will have a hard time competing if they have to pay to be in the "fast lane".

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Your ability to watch and use your favorite apps and services could start to change - though not right away - following Monday's official repeal of Obama-era internet protections.

For now, we are in a wait and see mode to see what happens next.

There is also 5G internet being rolled out later this year that will bring new wireless home internet options. ISPs would only be punished by the FCC if they fail to disclose what the commission used to consider net neutrality violations.

"It's now as clear as day to every American that - with the exception of three Republicans in the Senate - their Republican representatives in the Congress chose to protect special interests and the biggest corporates over middle-class families, average consumers, entrepreneurs and anyone who relies on the free and open internet", Schumer said. Several states, including New Jersey, Washington, Oregon and California, have gone so far as to push legislation to enforce the principles of net neutrality within their borders. Per the net neutrality order, states can not enact any legislation that attempts to circumvent the repeal.

The U.S. open internet rules expired on Monday, handing sweeping new powers to internet providers to block, throttle or offer paid "fast lanes" for web traffic, but a court battle remains ahead.

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