EA Teases Sea of Solitude with Beautiful Trailer During EA Play

EA Teases Sea of Solitude with Beautiful Trailer During EA Play

During EA Play 2018, we were introduced to German indie studio Jo-Mei, who is working with EA under their EA Originals label.

We got our very first glimpse of Sea of Solitude way back in 2015.

The game was created by Jo-Mei Games, a Berlin-based game developer that announced the project back in 2015.

EA also shared a trailer showcasing the game's flooded world and stylized, terrifying monsters.

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Sea of Solitude launches in early 2019.

One of the primary driving forces behind the growing popularity of video games is how they preoccupy people.

"This adventure is about Kay, who has turned into a monster and her journey to find out what happened to her".

Sea of Solitude seems to follow Limbo and Inside-esque storytelling and follows its female protagonist, Kay, through the darkest parts of her life. "When humans become lonely, they become monsters", said Geppert during the showcase. But although lonely she's far from alone, as "this ocean is full of creatures just like her". Finding an emotional balance is the true goal, that will make Kay return back to her normal self. "This at the core of the story of "SOS" [which is apparently the in-house nickname for the game]".

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