All users to be moved to new Gmail

All users to be moved to new Gmail

Google notes that 12 weeks after the general availability of the new Gmail in July, all users will automatically be opted into the new experience.

Here is what the rollout will look like for G Suite users.

Once the updates become available for G Suite administrators, they can instantly transition users to the new Gmail.

The new version of Gmail is scheduled to release next month, though no official date has been announced by Google. The opt-out will also no longer be available to users who've moved to the new Gmail already.

Some time in September, everybody will be changed over to the new Gmail plan. In October, the opt-out button will disappear and all G Suite users will be forced to migrate to the new Gmail.

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The new Gmail update will change your account from next month - here's how. It also adds two-factor authentication to each message, allowing the user to ask passcodes from recipients before they're able to open a confidential email. At that time, "any users who've opted out of the new Gmail will be automatically migrated to the new experience, with no option to opt out", the Web giant said. But admins, by default, can give users the option to temporarily opt out and join the updated platform whenever they want.

Google launched its shiny new version of Gmail yesterday.

What will be in the new Gmail update?

. It's also the only edition of Gmail that now allows you to try out Smart Compose, which tries to complete your sentences for you.

The new feature can be helpful to keep track of emails that are important to you and place them back to the top of your inbox for you to deal with.

The newly redesigned Gmail is coming to all users by July, though some are free to opt out for a limited amount of time.

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