Irish voters show landslide support for liberalizing abortion laws, exit poll shows

Irish voters show landslide support for liberalizing abortion laws, exit poll shows

"Not taking anything for granted but quietly confident".

More than 3.2 million people are entitled to make their voices heard on arguably the most contentious social issue in Ireland. No exceptions are made in cases of rape or incest.

Ireland has traditionally been one of the most religious countries in Europe.

Varadkar told reporters that turnout had been good so far and this increased the chances of a vote in favour of liberalising abortion laws. Women have been poorly treated in this country for generations. We will no longer rely on a different country, and a different parliament to decide when abortion can take place. As of the time of this writing, the vote is nearly over, but the results remain uncertain.

Mr McGuirk said the key to a No victory will be older voters.

The referendum vote is expected to be a close contest in the largely Catholic nation. Nonetheless, even the most rural parts of Ireland seem to have voted in favor of change.

The victory is a stunning defeat for supporters of the country's Eighth Amendment, which was passed in 1983 and recognized an equal right to life for both the mother of a child and an unborn baby. They argue a "yes" vote allows the government to legislate legal access to healthcare for women legally in Ireland.

He wrote: "Big day for Ireland today".

Gardai were last night escorting boxes to local court offices in each constituency. A second exit poll was due to be published by 2230 GMT.

Mr Varadkar expressed his thanks to those who voted, tweeting: "Thank you to everyone who voted today".

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If the referendum passes, next comes the complicated process of changing the legislation. "We urge everyone to vote and vote yes", he said.

Opinion polls have put those who favour changing the law in a clear lead.

Ms Woods says that repeal would be "a vote for tolerance", and hopes "with all my heart" that the Irish people will vote for it; however, she adds that "I do pray that few will want to use it"; she believes that abortion "is a awful, tragic thing", but "sometimes it is a horribly necessary bad, tragic thing.' Abortion advocates used to talk in terms of "tragic but necessary" - of the need to make abortion 'legal but rare" - now they talk about making abortion a human right for any reason at all, and try to silence all opposition.

In short - it looks likely Ireland will shortly be making abortion freely available to women. "But there is also a love for the child, the unborn child as I believe the constitution has always recognised, as one of us".

"If there is a Yes vote Ireland will be the same place, just a place that's a little bit more compassionate and a little bit more understanding than it has been in the past".

Ciaran Gaffney (22), from Argentina, said women should have complete bodily autonomy.

Specifically, they are speaking out for the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

Johannes Gaultier, 28, travelled from Germany via the United Kingdom to go back and vote no in the referendum.

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This is one of the most conservative and restrictive laws on abortion in the Western world. This referendum is simply on the criminality of abortions and whether they can legally be administered by medical professionals in safe settings.

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