U.S. names Iran's central bank head 'specially designated global terrorist'

U.S. names Iran's central bank head 'specially designated global terrorist'

Iran and the remaining parties -Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany- have launched negotiations to save the nuclear agreement in such a way that Tehran's benefits from the deal are secured.

At the time, the USA singled out the Central Bank of Iran as "complicit" in the operation, foreshadowing Tuesday's action.

Last week, the White House issued a statement condemning Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

There was no quick remark Tuesday evening from Iranian officers.

In a 2016 meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, Seif said Iran achieved "almost nothing" from the deal. British, French and German foreign ministers met in Brussels on Tuesday to see how they can save the nuclear deal without the US.

Mr Trump also started new sanctions targeting IRG financial networks. Any transactions that involve his signature could potentially run afoul of the sanctions, creating a strong disincentive for governments or businesses considering deals involving Iran's central bank. In this case, the USA chose to also impose "secondary sanctions", which also apply to non-Americans and non-U.S. companies. That means anyone who does business with him could be cut off from the USA financial system. According to him, the actions of the head of the Central Bank of Iran to undermine the credibility of the entire banking system of this country. Seif often visits Washington to attend conferences of the Worldwide Financial Fund. Within the aftermath of the 2015 worldwide nuclear accord, through which nuclear sanctions on Iran had been lifted, Seid was a outstanding voice complaining that Iran was nonetheless being saved out of the worldwide monetary system and never receiving the financial advantages it was promised in change for curbing its nuclear program.

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Yet Seif is also under attack inside Iran.

Increasing financial pressure on Iran, the United States imposed sanctions against Chairman of the Central Bank of Iran, prohibiting conduct any business with this person. These funds had been then used to "enrich and help the violent and radical agenda of Hezbollah", Treasury mentioned.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin accused Seif of covertly funneling money on behalf of the IRGC's Quds Force through Iraq-based Al Bilad Islamic Bank to support Lebanon's Hezbollah movement.

Tuesday's action seeks to cut off what the U.S. called a "critical" banking network for Iran and deny those blacklisted access to the global financial system. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist group which launched a war against Israel in 2006, is a key regional ally to Iran.

The U.S. sanctions imposed Tuesday were expected to be followed by additional ones in coming weeks.

The designations are part of the Trump administration's efforts to disrupt Hezbollah's financial network.

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