Senate votes to overturn FCC, reinstate net neutrality

Senate votes to overturn FCC, reinstate net neutrality

The 52-47 victory marks the first step in the process of overturning the Federal Communications Commission's December 2017 decision to repeal net neutrality rules.

The Senate on Wednesday approved a resolution meant to reverse the Federal Communications Commission's move to deregulate the Internet.

The FCC's repeal faced backlash from net neutrality supporters, who say without regulation, internet service providers, including NBC's parent company Comcast, could block websites, throttle traffic or even create fast lanes for companies that pay for it.

Democrats in the Senate could prevail in a vote as they have at least 50 votes with all of their party on board, plus Sen. "Contact your Republican senator", Sen. Indeed, that "forced vote" might explain why two Republicans - John Kennedy of Louisiana and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska - chose to break ranks at the last minute.

The rules are scheduled to expire June 11.

There is still a point to the Senate vote.

Sanders, in a video statement, heralded the step as "very good news".

In her remarks after the vote, Senator Cantwell also called on President Trump and his administration to support congressional efforts to protect the free and open internet for all Americans.

"This should not be a partisan issue", Leahy said.

This move was expected and is generally far removed from the public debate on net neutrality. Leading up to the FCC's vote, though, many media outlets were shockingly silent on the repercussions of upending consumer protections on internet access. Thune and other Republican lawmakers have proposed their own net neutrality legislation.

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Gov. Phil Scott signed an executive order to a similar effect earlier this year.

So what's really driving the Net neutrality push?

Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., speaks in favor of net neutrality regulations at a press conference. Critics, including the Trump administration, said over-regulation was stifling innovation. "But we're just getting started".

Burlington Telecom vowed in December to remain committed to net neutrality practices despite the federal change.

I know people think that highest pricing, or pricing at the highest bidder, well it might work at Christie's if you're having an art auction, but it certainly doesn't work when you are trying to cover a network of internet service and you want essential service for hospitals and educators and small businesses. "Other than health care and taxes, this is one of the issues that has motivated most grassroots activity, " he said. A recent poll showed that 83 percent of Americans do not approve of the FCC action to repeal net neutrality rules.

And while some internet service providers have promised to be good to consumers if net neutrality goes away, Schatz said the only avenue to stop a corporation from "doing all the wrong things" is hold them accountable under the law. The latest version of the agency's rules, from 2015, barred internet service providers from blocking, slowing, or giving preferential treatment to particular online sites or services. "My guess is 90 percent of Americans support fuzzy bunny rabbit", Cruz said.

"I'm sort of in the mindset that we probably will not see too much of a difference", Turner-Lee said.

The Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Times-an ardent proponent of net neutrality rules-recently wrote that the CRA "maneuver is likely to be more of a distraction than a solution".

In a vote tallied Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Senate decided 52-47 to initiate the Congressional Review Act (CRA) against the FCC's rollback.

"Regulating the internet like a utility under a 1934 law is not the way to an open internet".

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