Moon: Support from China, Japan Essential on Road to Peace on Peninsula

Moon: Support from China, Japan Essential on Road to Peace on Peninsula

The most recent previous official visit to Japan by a Chinese premier was the trip made by his predecessor Wen Jiabao in 2011.

The leaders of China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Wednesday to co-operate in seeking peace on the Korean peninsula against the backdrop of historic diplomatic moves by North Korea and a push for the isolated country to give up its nuclear weapons.

"Above all we reached the consensus that complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, a permanent peace settlement and improvement of South-North relations is very important for peace and prosperity of Northeast Asia", Moon said.

China has also promised to grant Japan a 200 billion yuan (US$31.4 billion) investment quota, enabling Japanese institutional investors to buy altogether up to that amount in yuan-denominated stocks and bonds.

Forty years later, the two sides should continue to follow the spirit of the treaty, said the premier.

Li said he hopes his visit this year - marking the 40th anniversary of the signing of a friendship treaty - would help develop bilateral ties into a "long-lasting and stable relationship", according to the Imperial Household Agency.

The Japanese business community is excited about the opportunities in improved relations, especially those generated by China's further reform and opening-up and its Belt and Road Initiative.

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China and Japan also plan to set up a hotline for senior military officials, which will allow for communication in case of incidents involving their respective navies or air forces.

The reception was also attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe welcomed Li's remarks on bilateral ties, while calling for more coordination and less competition between the two East Asian nations.

Combining Japan and China's efforts to promote free trade has "a direct bearing on my business and all those involved in materials production, technology and exports, the lynchpins of our economy", he said.

Li's meeting with Emperor Akihito will be the first time one of China's top leaders has met with the 84-year-old Japanese emperor since then-Vice President Xi Jinping met him in Tokyo in 2009.

Both countries should comply with the treaty to increase friendship, said Li, who called for learning from history and facing up to the future, while keeping high-level exchanges between the two neighbors.

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