This Boston Dynamics Robots Can Run Pretty Well and We're All Doomed

This Boston Dynamics Robots Can Run Pretty Well and We're All Doomed

Some of Boston Dynamics' robots were built for search and rescue operations, potentially navigating partially collapsed buildings or other risky environments without putting human first-responders at risk.

The robot experts over at Boston Dynamics now have a robot that's capable of bipedal running that looks pretty darn human.

SpotMini can run for about 90 minutes on a single charge, and using a series of cameras and 3D vision it's able to navigate pretty well. "Once the operator presses "GO" at the beginning of the video, the robot is on its own".

The Boston Dynamics SpotMini can pick up objects with an arm.

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The second video features the company's Spotmini robot dog. Its various limbs have seventeen joints, allowing for movements that are both unsettlingly natural in their appearance but also highly functional.

In this instance, SpotMini uses cameras to autonomously navigate through an office and lab facility, including walking up and down stairs and navigate obstacles. They'll be intended for sale, with scaling of production expected in 2019. They're not ready to talk about a price tag yet, but they detailed that the latest SpotMini prototype cost 10 times less to build than the iteration before it.

Raibert says he's also looking at deploying the robots in construction work.

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