Beware! This Bug-added Forward Message May Crash Your WhatsApp, Android Device

Beware! This Bug-added Forward Message May Crash Your WhatsApp, Android Device

Time to swallow our pride and prepare ourselves against this threat.

Based on reports over the weekend, several variations of the message seem to be doing the rounds, so we can't tell you exactly what to look for.

Not exactly dishonest, but still a unsafe appeal to the human tendency to screw around and press buttons we shouldn't. And, it could be annoying to restart the phone and the app when you are amidst important work.

As these buggy messages just crash the WhatsApp, there nothing malicious about the prank. It works on Facebook Messenger but not on Telegram or Chrome as the latter handle the text differently.

These malevolent strings of text do rely on a tap from the user though, so for a few days at least, be wary of any messages asking you to tap on a symbol or a word to see more: chances are you're being duped. If you have an older smartphone, you'll encounter a total lock on your device.

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The message includes special characters that do not display visibly but are used to change text behaviour. The issue only shows up when a odd combination of characters triggers some obscure bug in the rendering engine - which is precisely what is happening here. For instance, back in February, it was found that receiving a message with a single character from the Indian Telugu alphabet would crash multiple apps on iOS, including WhatsApp, as well as the iOS Springboard. When a WhatsApp user taps on part of either message, the hidden symbols expand, overwhelming WhatsApp and the Android OS.

"WhatsApp for Android 2.18.138 successfully recognizes the shortlink: it means the chat will be automatically opened without using the browser".

How to unlock your smartphone or prevent it from locking?

It is best to avoid such messages and delete it from your beloved smartphones. You will also have to copy the message from the Pastebin link and not through the thread itself. Let us know your experience in the comments!

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