Snap's updated Spectacles are doubling-down on an unfulfilled vision

Snap's updated Spectacles are doubling-down on an unfulfilled vision

To avoid inventory management issues that proved problematic with version 1.0, when the company sold through specialized vending machines, as well as a range of retailers and, these new glasses will be available only through

The new Spectacles looks pretty much the same as the previous version. Snap's Spectacles are now available for $149.99 Dollars in onyx, ruby, and sapphire. We're waiting on an update to those numbers from Snap, so stay tuned if that's a big deciding factor for your final purchase. And third is that they are now safe to take into the water.

Snapchat's first attempt failed for a myriad of reasons, selling only 220, 000 of the devices resulting in a $40 million write off. Snap found themselves in financial trouble rather than seeing the success they had anticipated with the initial Spectacles, and it remains to be seen whether this new generation will be a repeat of that occurrence or if we'll see the widespread adoption of wearable cameras moving forward.

Unfortunately, Snapchat is what's holding Spectacles back.

As for the financial shortfall of the first version, the company attributes that to the business model, rather than product popularity.

As Digital Trends reports, Spiegel stated in his interview for the Wired magazine that Spectacles were developed separately from the Snapchat app, but that there is the intention, in the future, to pair these two products.

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Water resistance in the V2 is meant for rainy days and "shallow water".

The first refinement was to create a slimmer design.

Snapchat has sought to expand out from simply being a social media platform, moving into the sunglasses industry. Recharging is done with the included charging case. To operate, the glasses do not need to be paired with a phone and can connect with Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 A/C Wi-Fi for transferring photos after a long day out.

The original Spectacles retailed for $130. Unfortunately, it's gonna cost more this time around.

There's no precise details on the battery life, but Snap's website says it'll manage up to record 70 videos on a single charge. The case, which doubles as a charger, is smaller as well.

Other new features include improved audio quality and the ability to take pictures (the original glasses could only record video).

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