Snapchat releases AR selfie games called Snappables

Snapchat releases AR selfie games called Snappables

Depending on the game, users will employ touch, motion and facial expressions to control Snappables. Snapchat members simply choose the game they want to play, "get their game faces on" (nice pun, Snap!), and invite friends and family to compete. New Snappables will release every week. With the games, you can do things like fight aliens, play basketball, start a rock band, and more.

Snapchat is rolling out this feature globally this week on iOS and Android, so if you don't see it right away, sit tight and it will arrive soon. You can even send your friend a Snap of you playing the game and your friend can join in your game. There are games that will pit users against each other and the one who secures the high score wins.

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One final detail here is that Snapchat will be adding new Snappables on a weekly basis.

The teaser video also shows off some of the augmented reality games that are coming to Snapchat. Some of the first games that appeared were an Asteroids space shooter-like game, bubble gum popping contest, a kiss-blowing game, egg catching competition and a dance party. Snap believes the new Lenses will mark "the beginning of a new type of AR experience on Snapchat". But only time will tell if this new endeavor will succeed.

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