Amazon to provide delivery of package in your vehicle

Amazon to provide delivery of package in your vehicle

Amazon's in-home delivery service has officially expanded to include direct-to-car delivery, allowing for parked cars in publicly accessible areas to receive shipments when the recipient is not present.

Not that Amazon needed a lift (and the actual key was a digital one.) I was testing a new program, launching Tuesday, that lets Amazon drivers unlock a customer's vehicle via an app and leave their packages inside it, rather than on their doorstep. On the delivery day, customers receive a 4-hour time window for delivery and ensure that their vehicle is parked within the range of the delivery location. Customers will be notified when the delivery has been completed and the vehicle is relocked. GM and Amazon report in Tuesday news releases that the service comes with a Prime membership or active OnStar account in 37 USA cities with more to be announced at a later date. More models and makes will be added over time.

Amazon added a new delivery location to the ever-growing number of spots it can leave your packages: inside your auto.

Another customer said it helped him keep personal and business orders separate by giving him another delivery site. The idea of Amazon having the ability to remotely unlock doors raised security concerns, and the required camera aimed at the door raised privacy concerns. The auto is relocked after delivery, and consumers receive real-time updates on their phones. No special codes or keys are given to the driver.

Amazon will provide a four hour delivery window to customers via the Amazon Key App along with notifications about when the delivery is made. The driver will then place the package inside your vehicle and request to relock it.

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As a Prime member, get your Amazon packages securely delivered right into your vehicle parked at home, at work or near other locations in your address book. When I returned home to my vehicle parked on a nearby street, the package was safely waiting for me.

Before couriers gain access to the customer's vehicle, Amazon uses an "encrypted authentication process" to make sure the right courier is present in the right location with the right package.

To set up the Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, people need to download the Amazon Key App and link their Amazon and OnStar accounts. The company also checks if you've got the right package and if the location of the delivery matches so that there isn't much room for confusion.

"This mix of auto and commerce is starting the next wave of innovation", Atif Rafiq, chief digital officer at Volvo Cars, said in a statement, "and we intend to be at the forefront".

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