Facebook Accused of Violating Privacy Via Facial Recognition Technology

Facebook Accused of Violating Privacy Via Facial Recognition Technology

At the heart of the issue is a 2008 state regulation known as the Biometric Information Privacy Act, which prohibits the collection or use of biometric data without precise public disclosure.

According to BBC News, the technology involves Facebook's "tag suggestions", which can identify a user's friends in an image. The lawsuit has three plaintiffs, but a class-action status could potentially include millions of IL users.

Lawsuit challenges the social-network giant over its gathering of facial recognition data on photos without the consent of users.

Last month, Cook County sued Facebook and Cambridge Analytica - the data firm at the center of Facebook's most recent controversy regarding privacy and data collection - for violating an IL anti-fraud law when it gave users' data to third parties without permission.

The study found 17% said they deleted the Facebook app from their phones, 11% said they deleted it from other devices, and another 9% said they deleted their accounts completely due to concerns regarding privacy. Getting this "class" approved is often a major hurdle, but if such a case is successful in court, compensations are directed towards this group of people.

Berlin Germany. The Facebook Innovation Hub is a temporary exhibition space where the company is showcasing some of its
Facebook is being sued by its own users

This is not the first time Facebook has been under fire for their facial recognition technology. Specifically, Facebook has created, collected and stored over a billion "face templates" (or "face prints") - highly detailed geometric maps of the face - from over a billion individuals, millions of whom reside in the State of IL.

Facebook's motion to dismiss the lawsuit was rejected in May 2016.

The plaintiffs bringing the lawsuit to Facebook's door allege the company gathered biometric facial information without their explicit consent.

Facebook might think it's facing enough problems right now, but the company's about to run into another privacy-related headache. However, for the moment, users should be aware that their words and face are owned by Facebook and whoever else they decide to share the data with.

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