Cosby lawyer to sex assault accuser: Did you fabricate a scheme?

Cosby lawyer to sex assault accuser: Did you fabricate a scheme?

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania are retrying Cosby on charges that he drugged and raped Andrea Constand, 45, at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2014.

In the first week of Cosby's retrial, a topless protester launched herself at him, with the names of the accusers painted across her body.

Prosecutors have called to the stand five other women who said Cosby drugged and assaulted them, too.

"I don't really remember how dim the lights were, but I did have to eat my dinner", Constand said.

He has since pleaded not guilty to three charges of aggravated indecent assault.

The mother of Bill Cosby's chief accuser tells jurors the comedian admitted to her that he was a "sick man". The testimony was also included at his first trial that ended with a hung jury previous year.

Constand denied telling a defense witness almost 13 years ago she was hatching a plot to extort money from a celebrity, but Constand went even further than that, denying that she even knew Marguerite Jackson.

Mesereau hasn't set off many of fireworks yet, but in more than two hours of cross examination on Friday the veteran trial lawyer had Constand flustered with questions about whether she'd ever said she was affectionate toward Cosby, and a line of attack centred on her involvement in a Ponzi scheme.

First trial: The defence didn't ask Constand about emails she had sent that promised big returns for a risk-free $65 investment - what the defence at the second trial has called a "Ponzi scheme".

Constand's mother followed her on the witness stand and bolstered her account, testifying about a phone conversation she said she had with the comedian about a year after the alleged assault in which he described in graphic detail their sexual account and then apologized.

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Gianna Constand testified Monday about a phone call she had with Cosby in 2005, about a year after her daughter says he drugged and molested her.

"You told police you called him", Mesereau said pointedly. Jackson alleges that she while working as an academic coordinator for the women's basketball team, Constand told her she could monetarily profit from accusing a celebrity of sexual assault. Her testimony prompted Cosby, sitting with his lawyers at the defense table, to open his eyes wide.

She told jurors last week that Cosby knocked her out with pills and then sexually assaulted her. Cosby, 80, says Constand consented to a sexual encounter. His first trial ended with a hung jury.

This time, defense lawyers are trying to portray Constand as an opportunist who feigned romantic interest in him and then leveled a false accusation of sexual assault so she could file a lawsuit.

Constand testified that she felt a duty to answer Cosby's inquiries because he was a powerful alumnus and trustee.

Constand filed a civil suit against Cosby in 2005 that resulted in a payout of almost $3.4 million. Jackson has said that she and Constand worked closely together, had been friends and had shared hotel rooms several times. But Constand's phone records show she did not make any calls to Cosby's mansion that month.

Andrea Constand faces more defense questions on Monday, and Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau is scouring a binder full of her police statements and prior testimony for inconsistencies. She again denied knowing her.

O'Neill said he was anxious he'd have to wait to have the procedure during the week, delaying testimony and keeping sequestered jurors in their hotel longer.

Ms Constand told the court that she does not know Marguerite Jackson - a woman who the defence plan to call as a witness as part of their attempt to discredit her.

The judge has ruled that Jackson can take the stand at the retrial but indicated he could revisit the issue after Constand was finished testifying.

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