Two-Day-Old Girl Flushed Down Toilet in Kerala Clinic

Two-Day-Old Girl Flushed Down Toilet in Kerala Clinic

Shocked plumbers tried to remove the baby but failed as the placenta thread was still stuck to the baby and caught in the dirt.

A doctor, with the help of a plumber, recovered the body of a two-day-old girl from toilet outlet line at Palakkad district in Kerala on Friday.

The police said that they are checking the records of all patients. Meanwhile, some other reports suggested that police haven't been able to identify the baby's parents.

"There wasn't much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet".

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Early reports had suggested that her parents might have brought the infant on the pretext of a check-up and then flushed her down the toilet.

'But the baby's placenta was intact and there was blood inside the commode. Seeing the colour of the blood, the domestic worker mistook it for muddy water, ' the cops were quoted as saying by the TNM.

The doctor filed a complaint and a case of unnatural death was filed. "We are investigating all possibilities", the police said. In the year 2013, fire-fighters in eastern China rescued an abandoned baby boy from the sewage pipe beneath a toilet. "It [the monkey] was spotted by Sarojini [the child's mother], who immediately had raised an alarm, but the creature jumped over the roof and disappeared from her view", the child's aunt Rajnandini Nayak told reporters, according to local media Indian Express. The girl's tiny body was recovered only when the plumbers tried clear a clogged toilet at the clinic of Dr Abdul Rahman in Palakkad's Malappuram.

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