Defense hammers at Cosby accuser's accusation of 1982 rape

Defense hammers at Cosby accuser's accusation of 1982 rape

"I thought it was a little bit absurd, given that Mr. Cosby was just a little bit younger than my grandfather", Constand said of the sexual interest he'd shown in her.

"He wasn't the only contender", she quipped. "You told a tale to this jury today that's completely different from what you told in this book", Mesereau said, suggesting Dickinson "lied to get a paycheck" for the memoir.

According to testimony recorded by the former America's Next Top Model judge told the jury about meeting the comedian, and how she had been excited when he invited her to Lake Tahoe to watch him perform and talk about her career.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

When she came forward to join other Cosby accusers, she said she wanted an apology from Cosby; she has since sued him for defamation, a civil case that is pending in California. She is among the five dozen women who have accused Cosby of rape or molestation since October 2014. On the witness stand, Dickinson cut a striking figure, tall and slender with long brunette hair parted in the middle.

"I was raped", Janice Baker-Kinney testified, saying Cosby had sex with her after giving her pills she suspected to be quaaludes.

Constand testified after five other women also alleged at the retrial they were drugged and assaulted by Cosby, a man they looked up to as a mentor and who often befriended their families to win trust. Dickinson's encounter with Cosby was set in motion, she testified, when the comedian called her while she was doing a modeling shoot on the island of Bali. But in the courtroom for Cosby's trial, Janice's recollection of a 1982 incident in a Lake Tahoe hotel room differed from her book. She testified that she barely remembered it.

Dickinson, the self-proclaimed world's first supermodel, did a stint on "Celebrity Rehab" in 2010.

Dickinson chalked it up to poetic license, saying the ghostwriter did not include it.

"I remember his breath", Dickinson said.

"We remained seated inside the restaurant and shortly after I took the pill I started to feel woozy and dizzy, slightly out of it".

One woman testifying on Wednesday pointedly called Cosby a "serial rapist", while another choked back tears as she asked him, "You remember, don't you, Mr. Cosby?" The photos - a key piece of evidence to buttress her claims of spending time with Cosby - were displayed for the jury, which got to see the entertainer dressed in a multicolored checked robe and brown cap.

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The actor offered her three blue pills to "help take the edge off" which she took believing they were a natural remedy, she said. She said Cosby stopped her as she went to leave: "All he said was there's a muffin and tea on the table and then, "All right" and then I left". "A happily married man of five children, and I remember thinking how wrong it was". She is not testifying at the retrial.

"Since this American citizen didn't adhere to Ms. Allred's ransom notice, she paraded in a stable of women to destroy his legacy, his career and reputation", Wyatt said.

"That wasn't cool", she told him, but he did not respond.

Constand said the actor twice made potential overtures but complied respectfully when she resisted.

"He stayed with me throughout the entire pregnancy", she said.

Dickinson took the witness stand on Thursday to give jurors her story with the comedian whom she alleged had drugged her before raping her. As a physically fit former professional basketball player, she was confident she could handle him.

Mesereau succeeded in getting Dickinson to admit that parts of her memoir are not true.

"It's all a fabrication there", Dickinson said.

Throughout cross examination, Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau recommended that Baker-Kinney was motivated to distort the info of a enjoyable night when she heard a couple of doable $100 million windfall from Cosby.

Constand is expected to take the stand on Friday, April 13. "I wanted the paycheque from the book".

"(They) said it would never get past Cosby's legal team", she said.

Mesereau asked the question multiple times and attempted to portray Dickinson as a liar in other ways. Fenjves has backed up Dickinson's accusation, and she told Mesereau he should call him as a witness.

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