Nintendo Switch updates to 5.0 with nothing exciting at all

Nintendo Switch updates to 5.0 with nothing exciting at all

According to him, in the past, Nintendo shared similar patch notes mentioning firmware update 3.0.0 in the Parental Controls app however the firmware update was out by then so it was not a leak. The firmware 5.0 update would bring features including Youtube, full web browser, cloud storage, chat rooms, themes and more, shown off in a "leaked video". Now the real firmware 5.0.0 is here and its a rather boring update with no major new features.

The update, which was outed earlier today, also adds 24 new ARMS and Kirby-themed user icons, as well as the ability to filter news to content from specific channels or just unread news.

Still on Parental Controls, Nintendo has changed the default method for typing Parental Controls PIN. If you want more information about the changes, and how to implement them, the Nintendo support page for the update has you covered. This feature allows you to add specific software titles to the whitelist in order to exclude them from some Parental Controls restrictions on the Nintendo Switch console.

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The Controllers menu has also been updated to display the grip colors of your Pro Controller. When a bedtime alarm is set, play will be restricted from the set time until 06:00 the following day.

The Nintendo Switch will automatically download the firmware 5.0.0 firmware while it is connected online. Once the download is complete though, they need to manually install the update.

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