Metal Gear Survive will feature microtransactions

Metal Gear Survive will feature microtransactions

As reported by GameSpot during a preview session with Metal Gear Survive, Konami verified that the game would indeed need a constant online connection in order to play it, even if you're playing it by yourself. The idea is to preserve your Wormhole Energy drill, to attain the most rewards possible. Instead, the game is following a multiplayer survival mold where players will have to contend with surviving in the wild while dealing with zombies known as creatures to the player. In short, it'll make your life much easier.

Back in October when the game's site went live and preorders were close to becoming available, some prospective buyers noticed that that product description of the game that listed the supported number of players and other details noted that an Internet connection would be required.

What you can see from the Metal Gear Survive Beta footage above is that the game indeed has a misty, eerie atmosphere that reminds us of Resident Evil. Another supposed benefit of this requirement is that Konami will be able to continuously offer post-launch content. Plus, since the game is unfinished, the implementation of the microtransactions and what Coins can be spent on is subject to change.

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Access all METAL GEAR SURVIVE assets, including brand new screenshots and an updated factsheet, at: But fans are still disgruntled by the idea of a paid-for game featuring this sort of business model. For the former, this is a chance to check out the game before it comes out in full next month, while the beta provides Konami with a chance to prove that the game shouldn't be slept on.

Again, it's important to stress that the business model may be a work in progress and Konami does have a brief window to address these concerns before release.

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