Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

Speculations doing the rounds that Google Duo, Google's video calling app, works on devices that don't have the app installed. But, most of the Google messaging apps are caught up in a hitch at this stage, pushing few users towards either Allo or Duo. Ending the call is also achieved in the same way as a regular Duo call is.

Hangouts may or may not be discontinued which we don't know at the moment. Talking about Google apps, the search giant's newest app to launch is Google Pay. Google Duo was had a simple yet efficient interface that immediately allowed you to place a video call without a fuss.

Duo isn't the most popular yet, but a considerable number of people are switching over to Duo and choosing it over Alo as it provides a smooth and pleasant experience of video and audio calling. In a feature update, you will actually be able to place a video call and it would work even if the person on the other side didn't have the app installed on their Android smartphone. What makes this possible is a feature of Google Play services called App Preview Messaging. Duo will now send video chats to those with Android phones who have yet to download the app on to their handset. If they receive the call without even having Duo installed, then at the end of the call they will be asked whether they would like to go ahead and install Duo on their device.

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And in case a user hits a button to navigate away while the Duo call is connected, similar to how a full-fledged app functionality would allow you, it will show you a persistent notification icon that can bring the call back into view, at any point.

What's more, they can also block a caller from contacting them again. Only select phones can make use of this feature.

Google Duo lets users make video calls in high definition. It's messaging app Allo is receiving a visual upgrade as well.

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