Kevin Gates Released From Prison, For Real This Time

Kevin Gates Released From Prison, For Real This Time

Fans of New Orleans rapper Kevin Gates are determined to declare, Jan.10, as "Kevin Gates Day".

Early Wednesday morning (Jan. 10), embattled rapper Kevin Gates was released from an IL state prison, TMZ reports. More details about his parole will be coming so check back with regularly.

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Monday evening. "Iranian government should respect their people's rights, including right to express themselves", he had tweeted . During an appearance on CNN's "New Day", Funk was asked if President Trump took any calls while on the course.

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As per TMZ, the By Any Means 2 artist was released from prison as scheduled earlier this morning and, thankfully, there was no surprise warrant waiting around for him once he was outside of those penitentiary walls. The controversial rapper was released from an IL prison this morning (Jan. 10) with no outstanding warrants to put him right back into the bing.

Now a free man, he plans on working with at-risk youth by speaking with kids via various organizations to help them avoid the same legal troubles that have burdened his life. George Zimmerman followed and murdered an innocent 17 year old Trayvon Martin and was allowed to use the law. There were some trolls who were just hell-bent on making their voices heard.

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