Google Pay Launching as Google Consolidates Payment Options

Google Pay Launching as Google Consolidates Payment Options

"With Google Pay, it'll be easier for you to use the payment information saved to your Google Account, so you can speed through checkout with peace of mind", said Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments at Google. "Over the coming weeks, you'll see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products, as well as when you're paying friends". G has now officially confirmed to launch the LG Pay service in the USA this year. Even Android Pay, which was recently combined with Google Wallet to form Google Pay, is in 17 countries and can be used on Android devices with NFC functionality. Android Pay was supposed to launch here at some point of time but then Google made a decision to launch a market-specific app called Tez here instead.

LG Pay, the mobile payment and digital wallet solution from LG has been available in South Korea since past year in June. Google Pay will also be able to fill in your payment details if you use Chrome. Google is also offering discounts if you purchase an item using GPay as a promotion for the launch of the These service. discounts can be used at Fandango, Instacart, and B&H.

Those on the latest beta version of the Play services (11.9.73) will note that this section has been updated with the "Google Pay" branding. Tez is translated to mean "fast" in Hindi, and comes with a digital wallet that will enable users in India to store currency. There is no clarification on whether Tez will be rebranded to Google Pay or not.

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We hope in the future that even more companies jump on the bandwagon and begin supporting the new Google payment option.

Last September Google launched a new payment app called Tez designed for the Indian market. Google Pay is very much like Apple Pay, although obviously instead of using an Apple device you are on an Android device.

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