Trump Declares Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Trump Declares Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Delores Sarpas, who organized the memorial, said she hoped everyone at the event remembers that over two million people have died for our freedom, adding too many people take it for granted.

December 7, 1941, Japan launches a surprise attack on American soil at Pearl Harbor. The president also promised them his administration would build up the military.

Twenty-one bells rang out Thursday at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, paying tribute to those who were killed at Pearl Harbor 76 years ago when the empire of Japan attacked an unsuspecting nation and kicked off America's involvement in World War II.

"The attack on Pearl Harbor is known as the catalyst of the navy entering World War II", added Wright. As the attack on Pearl Harbor was underway, his ship began sinking, but he and his ship men later abandoned ship - swimming away for fear the USS California would roll over.

More than 2,400 lives were lost when the Japanese attacked.

"I don't think about it too much anymore because something like this brings it back to your memory", Stephenson said.

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"They find meaning in it", said Shelbyville High School history teacher Kyle Ladd.

A standing ovation for three Pearl Harbor survivors from Pennsylvania.

Vietnam Veterans of America President Paul Davis said he experienced the war in South Vietnam first hand, and because of that, will always be vigilant in remembering those who sacrificed their life. "I went down to the mess hall on the second deck and they had a big old radio in there and they had the news on it and the first thing I heard was that the Oklahoma was on fire and the West Virginia was still fightin'".

"That was an attack on the United States", said Snow.

"Hearing the alarm, you report for your battle station immediately, in whatever you are wearing", Ganitch, now living in Alameda, California, recounted to Saluting Military Recruits when he was honored by the San Francisco Bay Area veterans organization in June. "You'll never forget that, right?"

Herbert Elfring remembered hearing bombs explode and initially thought the explosions were USA training exercises. "To have the ship mast and lookout over the water and remember those who gave on behalf of our country to help us win maybe our most important war".

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