Steelers' Mike Mitchell Rails At The NFL's Inconsistency On Suspensions For Hits

Steelers' Mike Mitchell Rails At The NFL's Inconsistency On Suspensions For Hits

Coming off a contentious win Monday night in Cincinnati, Steelers safety Mike Mitchell Wednesday went on a profanity-laced rant for over four minutes on the state of National Football League on-field and off-field discipline. "But it's also football at the end of the day, and it's a contact sport, so I feel like certain hits will be made".

"If you want to see flag football, then let's take our pads off". That would make it easier for me, because now I don't gotta wear heavy s--.

"I got a-holes like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and trying my character and we've never met before".

"I signed up to play full-speed, contact football, and we're not doing that. If you're a little kid and don't want to get your ass hit then don't come out here because this is for grown men".

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Mitchell has been fined several times for hits in his career, but the source of his anger stems from the fines and suspensions from Monday night's matchup with the Bengals. "Hand us all some flags and we'll go out there and try to grab the flags off", Mitchell said, via ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. It seems to be more about P.R. than precedent, and it's important that the league have a system that makes clear what will and what won't result in significant consequences. Mitchell was displeased that Smith-Schuster's punishment for making what was ostensibly a football play was given an equal suspension to Rob Gronkowski, who dove at Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White after a play was dead and sent White into concussion protocol. Let's not try to turn football into a unsafe, barbaric game. News broke about Goodell's new $200 million contract extension shortly before Mitchell's rant. My nephew goes to school there and I take all that personally. Don't judge me on what you see on football, because football's my competitive side.

Whew. OK. Video below - via Mark Kaboly of The Athletic Pittsburgh - in case you want to watch it, and you should, because it's epic. "You know what I'm saying?" "We've just got to do better", Mitchell said. "There's just so much going on in the game right now". We gotta get better leadership as who's running the league, because obviously everybody, from fans, owners, players are all disappointed in Roger Goodell. "We've just got to do better, we can't have a guy where you just hand out discipline on how you see fit, there needs to be a set guideline of how we do what we do".

"It's the stupidest thing in the world", center Maurkice Pouncey said.

Former Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2015 that players voted against the CBA because they were concerned about the scope of the personal conduct policy. I guess you get penalized for making a football move.

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