Bayonetta 3 Coming to Switch, Along with Bayoneta 1&2

Bayonetta 3 Coming to Switch, Along with Bayoneta 1&2

Bayonetta 3 will be coming soon as an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch. With the Switch's massive success, this will give many people the opportunity to play both the classic and its sequel.

Given that Bayonetta 2 never jumped from the Wii U, it's likely the game will remain a sole exclusive on Nintendo Switch.

Reggie wasn't done there though. Once again, Platinum games, who developed Nier Automata (the game that deservedly won best music for 2017), is going with Nintendo.

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Phew. We all thought the big Nintendo news of the night was the Breath of the Wild DLC dropping tonight. Bayonetta is back, and she's bringing her third game exclusively to Nintendo's new console. The game's mere existence was a surprise, so the release date being just a couple of months away was the icing on the cake.

That's pretty much all there is to that know about Bayonetta 3 at present, although the announcement did come with a nifty little teaser trailer. Still, what an incredible get for Nintendo as it heads into the second year of the Switch.

Nintendo fans have every reason to be ecstatic right now.

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