50 new Hoenn Pokémon added to Pokémon Go

In response to these concerns, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon trading is still in the cards, but there is still no timetable for when it will be added to the game.

However, the most important addition is not about adding new characters, but the incorporation of real-world weather. The patch will go live later this week, and even more Gen 3 pokemon will join this initial batch in the following weeks.

Speaking to IGN in the wake of today's Pokemon Go generation 3 and dynamic weather announcement, Niantic global product marketing lead Archit Bhargava explained that the team is always considering new features and how to prioritize them.

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Niantic is going to release a series of "Pokemon GO" updates starting this week.

Announced on the company's Pokémon Go blog, the first major change will be the creation of a dynamic weather system.

The five different types of weather are clear (effects grass, ground, and fire spawns), foggy (effects dark and ghost spawns), rainy (effects water, electric, and bug spawns), snowy (effects ice and steel spawns), and windy (effects dragon, flying, and psychic spawns). Local weather will be taken into account, changing the rates at which some Pokémon appear and powering up certain types. The Pokemon will all be drawn from the Hoenn region of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Finally, weather will also aid your caught Pokémon; Charizard's attacks will be more powerful on a sunny day. So we do continue to talk about some of the features that you mentioned, and they are on the roadmap. Although Niantic still has a lot of generations to work within the Pokemon universe, it can not introduce them all at the same time. Game developers update this app periodically, implementing new augmented reality features.

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