Google Pixel 2 XL Just Can't Get A Break

Google Pixel 2 XL Just Can't Get A Break

This is quite a problem, considering the Google is touting its smartphones to have one of the best cameras on the market. One Pixel 2 XL user shared a video and photos of his observation while using his Pixel 2 XL phone inside an airplane. We're giving Google several chances to prove their latest Pixel devices are worthy of their premium prices.

The same user also made a video comparing a new-gen Pixel with the Pixel from previous year, and the issue clearly seems to be with the Pixel 2.

The Pixel Buds, which are due out in the United Kingdom just before Christmas, are the first to feature Fast Pair, a new feature from Google that makes it quicker to pair the wireless wonders with the Pixel 2 range (or any other Bluetooth enabled phone for that matter). Although Google has made sure that the fix was ready as soon as possible, it is still frustrating for the fans.

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App on several OnePlus devices grants backdoor root access
The user can access manual tests like root status test, Global Positioning System test or the main activity by sending a command. The developer further added that he will publish an application for rooting OnePlus devices without unlocking.

Further apologizing for any inconvenience, Google has promised that users should expect a rollout fix for both issues with its next software update.

Some analysts are claiming that the issue is as a result of a bug which disables the microphone of the headphones following a connection established with the Assistant feature.

As we can see Google will be releasing an over the air update to address the problem, the company has not revealed as yet when the update will be released.

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