Amazon Discounting Third-Party Products

Amazon Discounting Third-Party Products

"Discount provided by Amazon is noted near the a listing by a 3rd party seller".

Per the program details Amazon lists on its online item pages, the discount is limited-time only, and Amazon "reserves the right to modify or cancel the discount at any time".

This item is sold by a third-party seller. "The discount is provided by Amazon", the offer states.

Amazon didn't respond to questions about when the program started, or whether merchants are notified when their products are selected for Amazon-provided discounts.

Amazon's new strategy to provide discounts to its customers while paying sellers full price has been launched, as the Christmas season nears and the company aims to compete with "brick and mortar" stores for customers.

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"The good news", Dejban said, is that "Amazon is covering the cost difference for third party sellers this time - but makes me wonder if they'll use the data collected to change their terms of service and pricing policies next year or sooner".

We actually have couple of products where Amazon is doing just that and it's great! "One example is a product price at $78.50 [discounted to $74.90]". cutting prices of products from third-party sellers on its website, moving beyond its more typical method of discounts on items it sells directly. "In these instances, you will receive payment for the order and pay referral fees based on the full item price you set".

It's not clear how exactly Amazon is choosing what products it applies discounts on. The deal might also anger big brands which try to exert tight control over pricing.

Discount good while supplies last or until withdrawn by Amazon. Either way, it's a canny move by the retailer - given the same price, many consumers will usually opt for Amazon, given its generous return and shipping policies.

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