Search for missing Richardson girl enters sixth day

Search for missing Richardson girl enters sixth day

Investigators have been following up on leads and are trying to piece together a timeline of events since the 3-year-old went missing.

Wesley Mathews, 37, punished his 3-year-old daughter Sherin Mathews after she refused to drink her milk by making her stand outside early Saturday morning, reported Fox News.

Mathews was arrested Saturday on a charge of abandoning or endangering a child. An FBI team, meanwhile, was deployed Tuesday to search the family's home. Police say they hope people within a 30-minute radius can spot this vehicle in their footage.

"She is distraught over the loss of her daughter". After looking around for her, he said he then went inside to do laundry and made a decision to wait until morning to continue searching or for her to return on her own.

Explaining why Sini, despite having no charges against her, chose to retain an attorney, Starr said that every individual has the right for legal counsel.

Following Mathews arrest, police in Richardson, Texas released new details about the timeline of the night Sherin disappeared, according to local television station KXAS-TV. That's why Sini is retaining a lawyer. Mathews was asked for a comment and said that he can not say anything about the issue.

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"She is in mourning, some individuals mourn differently, it is not indicative of anything. They take care of her very much", said Jose Cherian, the church elder.

Why was the child sent out at 3 am?

According to Wesley, at about 3 a.m., he put Sherin outside and told her to stand next to a large tree that was behind a fence, about 100 feet south of the family's home and across an alley and even admitted to police that he knew coyotes had been seen in that specific area though, investigators have not found any indication that Sherin was dragged away. After returning home, he did a load of laundry before finally calling police at 8:12 a.m. Sherin's mother was reportedly sleeping when she went missing. Texas Child Protective Services confirmed they had contact with the Mathews family in the past but would not elaborate on the details. Richardson police along with an Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence recovery team entered the house of Wesley Mathews to execute a search warrant.

"They are sympathetic for him because they can't believe he did anything to her", Shanna said.

It's been six days since three-year-old Sherin Mathews went missing Saturday morning as many questions left unanswered.

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